The ultimate Data-Back-Tracking solution! Any file, photo, text messages or emails taken from your protected device without your permission, places the CLOSS FILE on any and all receiving device(s) with no limit. If your information is shared with other devices, each will receive a CLOSS FILE.

            Note: there is a disclaimer on the protected device giving permission to extract any and all information from the illegal receiving device(s). Then the CLOSS FILES will:

  1. Disable notifications (associated with the CLOSS FILES ONLY)
  2. Disable pop-ups (associated with the CLOSS FILES ONLY)
  3. Then the CLOSS FILE will use the illegal device(s) camera, (if Present) to take a photo of the illegal device’s operator.
  4. Then when the Illegal device accesses its emails, messaging, texts, SMS, etc., the CLOSS FILE will in the background upload copies of all emails, SMS, etc., including any attachments to any emails to a secure cloud drive. used when the file was first installed on the protected device.
  5. Passwords are not needed – since the emails, SMS, etc., are already open.
  6. The CLOSS FILE is IP and device locked – thus to remove the CLOSS FILE – a kill code must be generated from the associated device(s), (for a fee), or the illegal device can reinstall its operating system from a back-up, prior to the date the stolen info was placed on the illegal device.
  7. The CLOSS FILE is linked to the device, thus if the illegal device is a cell phone and changes its number, the CLOSS FILE will still operate, but it will generate a new file on the cloud server.
  8. The CLOSS FILE attaches to the illegal device as a virtual operating file with the same dates as the original OS files on any device and is perpetually self-replicating.
  9. The CLOSS FILE does not install any programs on the illegal device(s), it simply controls the illegal device(s) through custom software located on our cloud servers.
  10. You control how the CLOSS FILE is activated. For example; Disabled when your device is opened via thumb print), or enabled when inputting pin code).